There is a way of living that has a special grace and beauty.

This way of living is not a constant race to figure out what is next, nor does it waste energy in trying to build bigger, faster, or grander than neighbors, friends or visitors. There is a way to make decisions, to build, and to live which nourishes a depth and quality of living experience that satisfies what is truly meaningful in our lives.  This way accommodates every aspect of our existence, working with nature’s cycles, and gives us the opportunity to accomplish our goals, to rejuvenate our energies, and to live our lives in balance…to enjoy.

This is the way of living I wish for my work to inspire.

-Rich Bartlett


Simplicity, sincerity, repose, directness and frankness are moral qualities as essential to good architecture as to good men.

-C.F.A. Voysey, 1857-1941