What makes a good building?

Our approach to every project is a continuous gathering and organizing of information which will lead to a home that is uniquely appropriate for the client’s needs, budget, and site.

We understand the project’s needs by getting to know the client.  We are humanists at heart, and we enjoy learning about each individual’s personal preferences and requirements. Their families.  Their hobbies.  Their pets.  Their lifestyles…and their dreams.  This process continues throughout the entire project as the structure is designed, detailed and constructed.

A comprehensive budget is established as early as possible and is evaluated constantly as the project evolves.  The monetary success of a project is assured by real-world estimating and balancing the variables of quality and quantity.

We study each site to measure its assets and liabilities, and determine how to accommodate the client’s requirements and budget on the specific property.

Good buildings are made by blending practicality with creativity.  We enthusiastically balance the art of design with the science of construction. It is a pleasure for us to share the joy of our profession, and our art, with our clients.

This is what we do…


Architecture is the most practical of the fine arts, and the finest of the practical arts.

– Vitruvious